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Friday, October 14, 2005

And for my next trick... i(can't)Photo

In-service with the staff from Cardross today. Each of them now has exactly the same digital still camera, so we were looking at how to make use of them. I set them tasks in pairs – sequencing, odd one out, spot the difference and storyboarding. They had 15 minutes to go and take the pictures they needed, and then come back together to put them into the computer attached to the projector. Surprise, surprise… it didn’t work with my machine!

This is now becoming embarrassing – I think I’m going to stop using my Mac completely and only use kit that is in the school. Either that, or just give up completely. The signal it sends out is clear – if he can’t get it to work, then how will we? He does this for a living!

Thank goodness one of the staff had their own machine there which I used – it of course worked perfectly. The moral of this story? Only buy the cheapest, most basic Mac – PowerBooks are nothing but trouble.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Despite your 'system failure' we, at Cardross thoroughly enjoyed your input.
We're raring to go with our cameras, and are awaiting the arrival of our plasma screen for the foyer - to show off our photos to all who pass through our portals!

Good to read your moral - I've borne that in mind when ordering an additional 2 Macs for use in school. (And you've saved us a bit of money in the process...)

Looking forward to the next meeting
Elspeth @ Cardross

10:23 pm  

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