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Friday, October 07, 2005

Live Profiling

Today I visited Oban High to discuss how they as a school were integrating ICT into the curriculum. I love visits where I leave more inspired than I enter. Discussion with the Depute responsible for ICT left me assured that their focus in spot on - what difference does ICT make in direct teaching and learning? It is all about making comfortable, innovative small steps - building confidence all the time for both staff and pupils.

The biggest thought for the day had to be the concept of live profiling, which I hadn't given too much consideration to before. Using a whiteboard (or even simply a projector) the teacher could flick between their applications and 'Click and Go' and mark up the pupils merits in real time. From what I gather, the response from pupils is considerable. Realisation that this happens in real time infront of them greatly improves motivation and radically alters how a school can track achievement and progress. I'd never really thought about the benefits of the admin tool of profiling in the classroom before. Life is such a learning experience.


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