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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Never wear red on an away mission

Woke up this morning completely unable to move my right shoulder and in agony. Had to cancel the session I had arranged with St. Kierans primary, but have rescheduled it for Wednesday 23rd November. What a shame! It was soul destroying to go in to the school and have to cancel, after travelling all that way to do Southend and St. Kierans in the one trip. Drove back home in agony and went to the doctor. It turns out I have a frozen shoulder, which is probably the combination of carrying a heavy bag, using a computer and driving, which is infuriating to say the least.

In ‘Lost’ tonight there was a lovely wee comment about Star Trek and away missions – remember when Captain Kirk and the others would beam down to the planet surface with another couple of random crew members? They were always wearing red and you could guarantee they would be dead before the end of the episode. After the day I have had and travelling back up from Campbeltown, I think that sums it up perfectly… never wear red on an away mission...


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