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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Not so interactive whiteboard...

Went to Kilcreggan Primary this evening for a twilight on using an interactive whiteboard. The staff there were joined by the staff from Garelochhead Primary for this session. Such a shame then, that I couldn't get the Promethean board to work with my Mac! After all the assurances by Anne as well! What is wrong with this thing? It was working fine after the initial hiccup. Good thing I had another computer in my bag otherwise we would have been stuffed. Having said that, it behaved strangely with my PC too, so I am not remotely happy. Despite the added functionality of the software, and the ACTIVote devices, if it doesn't work it is worse than useless. I can feel my allegience switching back to SMART - at least they work when you plug them in! AND FLash player is part of version 9... food for thought.


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