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Monday, October 10, 2005

Scottish Schools Get Online

One of our primary schools, Rhu Primary, has been taking part in a project with Learning & Teaching Scotland called ‘Scottish Schools Get Online’. The obvious purpose of this is to help schools develop and maintain a school website. To do this, they have been using a product called ‘Take2theweb’. I went to visit them this morning to see how they have been getting on using this method of web creation. Margret McPhail of LTS was also there today to work with the children. Great kids, keen and enthusiastic, but I left convinced of the need for 2 things:

1. Content. No matter how sophisticated or easy the method of creation for a website is, it is completely useless without content. The school have a lot of things to put on a website, but not readily in an electronic format. We need to have this in place first – or a change in mindset has to take place – the purpose of class work changes from being ‘the teachers red pen’ to ‘a worldwide audience’.

2. Kit. Without relatively decent kit, it’s just not going to work. This doesn’t need to be a significant investment, but strategic planning. If you are going to connect a digital camera to a computer, can you get the images out of this computer (if need be) in an electronic format to put on another one?

Well impressed by how easy take2theweb is, but a bit frustrated by its limitations. Still, it gets schools online which I reminded the HT that it puts her school significantly further down the road than others…

Also, impressed by how simple the use of an iPod was for creating and uploading sound files. Now, if only I could convince others of the benefits of podcasting…

The aren’t up and running yet, but you can find out more about the project at http://www.take2theweb.com/ and http://www.take2theweb.com/pub/sso/lts/ or if you want to see how many Scottish schools are online already, check out http://www.scottishschoolsonline.gov.uk


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