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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Third time lucky...

9 people for Clicker4 tonight in Kilcreggan. 4 from Kilcreggan, 3 from Roseneath and 2 from Garelochhead. You have no idea how worried I was on the way there that things would go ok after the last couple of sessions at the school, and I am relieved to say that this session went well.

Took the opportunity to show my website and Maggie's to raise awareness, which was met with approval. We then had an introduction to the program, but more importantly a chance to look through the wealth of grids on CGfL. We then had a bit of time to look at how to make your own grids.

I gave each of the schools represented a CD with the collated Clicker Grids for Learning on it which they could install on their machines.

The best bit about the visit was hearing about the media coverage the school had today from STV news. They had a book launch that was recorded and broadcast on the news today. Go Kilcreggan!


Anonymous Ian Stuart said...

Hi Andrew
I hope your pointing out the disadvantages of the IWB as your showing them off?

12:03 pm  

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