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Monday, October 31, 2005

The train which will shortly arrive at this platform is for...

These were the words that would have been echoing at Craigendoran as I was just finishing uploading my presentation to my website for Learning & Teaching Scotland. Talk about cutting it fine! I then sprinted to the station to just catch the train to get to Glasgow in time for the meeting. We were presenting the work I have done on the Help & Training site, and the preparatory work done with Breeze. Want to see the presentation? It'll be online for the next fortnight.

How did it go? I think the answer to that is quite well. Very impressed with the work I had done, and the strong possibility of forming a partnership for a future project. Further information as events warrant.

Great to get the opportunity to present, but I had of course to cancel a visit to Port Charlotte and Port Ellen in order to do this. I've rescheduled Port Charlotte for the beginning of December.

I suppose I now have a lot to think about...


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