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Thursday, October 13, 2005

You can tilt Google Earth!

Today was one of our day long marathon meetings with John. Maggie and I have regular meetings with John to catch up on a million different things, so today we went to Drummore for the meeting. A long day, but worthwhile. Maggie drove, so I was a passenger for the near 4 hours there and back for the journey. Spent the way up making a huge list of things we needed to discuss and show John. In amongst the million admin things, the best bit of today was showing John the work we have done on websites. He seemed really pleased that we are now putting out money where our mouth is, despite the obvious fact that this is going to generate work for us all. After all, having a website is a huge commitment. He also agreed for us to go on training with Dave Lawrence concerning filemaker & php, as try as we might, we just can’t get our heads around it (despite Maggie now owning every published book on the subject!)

Revelation of the day is that you can tilt Google Earth! Why did I not know this?! Thanks John -


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