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Monday, November 07, 2005

'D' is for Dreamweaver

Can we start the clock please? Having now finished the introduction to Dreamweaver notes for PC, I’m about to put all pictures into the Mac version of exactly the same notes. I’ve only got this evening and tomorrow morning to do this, as I need them printed tomorrow afternoon to be in time for the course on Thursday. Oh, and I have a course on Wednesday on an entirely different subject. And who says this job isn’t taking over my whole life?

Today John and I went to visit Campbeltown Grammar school to see how things have improved on the ICT front since their proportionate inspection earlier this session. A huge change, which the Depute Rector, Masterclasser, and ICT group should be praised for. What we need is good dialogue about the use of their newly distributed equipment in the curriculum. I wonder how many staff are aware of the HGIOS document concerning the integration of ICT in the curriculum? This is a great starting point for staff thinking about how and where to use ICT.

Now, cut, copy, paste...


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