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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I speak too quickly

Every so often, I get to take central in-service courses. Owing to a cancellation, I have two in a row this week. Most unusual, as the courses are normally taken by Masterclass, but sometimes I have to take them as either I can’t free anyone from school to take them, or there is not the skill level to take them hence the role of tutor falling to me. I don’t mean this as a criticism of Masterclass in any way – rather it is a financial observation on how some schools have spent their devolved budget.

Today was a real introductory course, which I must admit I was very reluctant to put on the calendar. Ask the initiated about ‘Using a digital still camera’, and they would wonder what was covered after the first 30 minutes in a day long course. Last year, I wrote one course covering using a camera and editing images, but it proved far too much for the one day, so this session John wished it to be split. At the time I was quite concerned, as whilst I could easily imagine a day spent editing images, I couldn’t imagine spending a day just learning how to use a camera.

Glad to say that I was wrong.

Using technology all comes down to confidence.

By having a day to look at something relatively simple meant that all those present left comfortable and confident in their knowledge. The best bit of the day I think was looking at curricular application of using a digital camera with the participants. Without this focus, the day would have actually been irrelevant. Of course ‘Comic Life’ was a great help here, but even simple things like sequencing, odd-one-out, and storyboarding make using a camera directly relevant to our teaching.

The feedback was good, so the people there seemed to enjoy it and said they found it useful. I speak too quickly though – no-one said this in evaluation sheets, but I am really aware of it.
Tomorrow is Dreamweaver. I have never been as concerned about a course as I am about this one. I’m not sure if schools realise what a colossal commitment having a website actually is, and I worry about it being another ‘tick box’ for Head Teachers, but I’m sure I’ll have more to say about this tomorrow.


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