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Thursday, November 17, 2005

If you come to Scotland, be sure to visit Elgin?

You think you are doing quite well, you have almost come to terms with applications that at first glance you were nearly sick with worry over and then everything gets put back into perspective.

Today was day one of a two day course in Scotsys with Macromedia looking at Digital Design. First of all, my heartfelt thanks to Anne Forrest at Scotsys for inviting me to this course. I know that I am quite comfortable with the basics of Fireworks, Dreamweaver and Flash, but as all of this is self taught, it is great to have this confirmed by an expert from the company.

Our tutor was Anuja Dharkar, Education Curriculum Manager for Macromedia. She had come to Scotland from California to have discussions with the SQA about closer ties between Macromedia and Scottish education. Whilst here, she was working with centres involved in the DIVA project and representatives from local authorities. Islay High school are taking part in the DIVA project with Macromedia this session. In my humble opinion, this has got to be the way forward. What it offers is the chance for students to get SQA qualifications and at the same time receive industry standard certification, and few could doubt Macromedia’s currency in this market.

It was good to have such an able tutor, who on the one hand conveyed the ease of use of the applications, whilst on the other calmly hinting at the size, scope and scale of these hugely powerful web production tools.

At dinner in the evening, discussion came around to our plans here for the use of Breeze which I am sure will be discussed further – watch this space!
Today’s title stems from discussion at dinner – whilst in Scotland our course tutor is going to visit some of the sites of our great land with friends who are joining her from the states. As you would expect, all research was done online, and where else would you visit in this beautiful land beyond Glasgow and Edinburgh… Elgin? You’ve got to wonder about the web presence of our country!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to see you enjoyed the course

Joe Wilson SQA

10:13 pm  

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