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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Mumble Jumble

Today was one of those marathon days that no-one in their right mind would realistically contemplate. I had high hopes of making it to three schools today, but those hopes faded as I watched the 10am ferry from Tayinloan head out for Gigha without me on it. This set my timings off for the day. My apologies to the staff at Drumlemble for not making it to see them before the twilight in St. Kierans – but as they were there for the twilight, hopefully I was able to answer the questions?

The twilight concerned using an interactive whiteboard. This was third time lucky for this one, as I had to move the first one because of a ‘yufty’, and the second attempt I had to cancel owing to the whole frozen shoulder incident.

About 20 staff representing almost every school in the area were present. I’m told that everyone found it a most useful experience. I often worry about the ‘show and tell’ nature of these events, and I know that I talk far too much.

Great to have Marlyn there at the session. She is the local Masterclass member, and has recently started using a Promethean board, which she brought with her for the session. I know I speak from being one step removed from the classroom, but Marlyn speaks with direct knowledge, which is so valuable.

So today started at 7am, and finished at 9pm. Despite how encouraging speaking with staff from so many schools today has been, it was still a long, tiring day.

For those of you that are following the pictures (except those of you in East Renfrewshire!), this one is an interactive overlay for a plasma screen. Haven't had the chance to try one (yet!), so if anyone is feeling generous...? I'd only like to try it...? You'd get it right back...?


Blogger marlyn moffat said...

Drumlemble are content. Can't say you talk too much, at all, but you do tend to lose your witty asides in your tie!!! :-) Did you feel valued too? you should. Heard today from 2 teachers with access to boards that they have already used something you passed on. Less than 24 hours to make it to the classroom, so maybe you are not that far removed. Quote " I didn't know it could do that!" You have done well Grasshopper!
If you pick up the trail of an overlay and plasma screen, then I'm right on your coat tail...no shadows or bright lights to worry about. And only about £2000. A snip!
The new Promethean big board with projector etc is about the same!! I'd promise I'd give it right back too! But I'd be lying!

12:29 am  

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