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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Publicising NQ Online

This afternoon I visited the RE Subject Development day. It was quite a strange experience as I don’t teach RE anymore, but it was nice to see familiar faces.

The reason for the visit was to publicise the use of the NQ online website. We have had Development Officers from LTS attend some of our subject development days but RE was one that they couldn’t manage to attend, so Elliot Morrison invited me along to talk about the resources that are available online. Great opportunity, so thanks for this Elliot.

Two points of note – 1. In a small subject area, your local network is so important. When you teach a subject in a school and often you are the only teacher of that subject, it is great to have a day when you meet with your colleagues from neighbouring schools to talk through how they teach certain things, or just to bounce ideas off. 2. Breeze is going to potentially change everything.

But do you know what? Unless we start becoming more comfortable with sharing, then we will never move forwards. By being comfortable in our close circle of colleagues, perhaps we will be more inclined to share. It is quicker to change something for our own purposes, than to start from scratch. How we break down the Scottish attitude of ‘not being good enough’ I have no idea however.

If you are teaching any subject in secondary you need to use the NQ online website. Sign up for the email bulletin – then you don’t even have to keep visiting the site to check for updates – you are automatically informed of them by email – could this be any easier? What are you waiting for?

My apologies to Lorna for the journey on the way up – I know I talk far too much about education – I guess that means I really care about it?


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