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Friday, November 18, 2005

Re-inventing the wheel

Day two of Macromedia.

Today was spent with Dreamweaver, designing a website for a client. For this task we were split into pairs, each having to design a 4 page portfolio site for the other, according to their design brief. Very early on in the day I remembered why I had not pursued a mediocre career in design! Most of the day was spent on this task, with various tutorials throughout the day on aspects on Dreamweaver. Eternally grateful for the guidance on CSS, as up until today, I don’t think I’d really understood it.

At the end of the day we had to report back, and I was last – which I hate with a passion. I suppose someone has to be last however. As with everything digital, you always wished you had had more time.

We were given to take away with us a huge folder full of notes that Anuja and two of her colleagues had quite clearly spent an incredible amount of time creating. Wonderful curriculum based activities to learn some of the skills of Studio 8. How do schools get access to these resources? - By getting a school site license for Studio 8. I now have a mission.

I ask myself again why so much time in education is spent in repetition? Macromedia have obviously produced top quality teaching resources, yet there must be numerous teachers around the world writing their own – myself included. When will we ever learn to stop re-inventing the wheel?

Totally unrelated, but Ian Sorenson gave me a DVD of ‘Lucas Back In Anger’ today to watch. Ian is undoubtedly one of the funniest people on the planet, and it was very amusing to see their take on Star Wars. Just where does a production company go after the Clyde Auditorium?

For those of you who follow the pictures, then the wheel comes from the accompanying training materials some of us were sad enough to work through to learn how to use Flash - now aren't you glad you now know that?


Anonymous Ian Sorensen said...

Hi Andrew,

To answer your question on where now: how about Los Angeles? The Lucas Back In Anger show has been nominated for a Hugo Award, but I think either Dr Who or Battlestar Galactica will win. Still, it may be worth a trip to LA to be at the award ceremony - I'm told the losers' party is pretty good.

You can find out more on my recently updated web site (done using iWeb - pretty good software).



5:53 pm  

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