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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The road is long

Today I realised how long the road is ahead of us. I also realised how few there are of us to undertake the tasks.

The ICT Steering Group meeting today was in Oban, where we had a presentation from the RM/LTS/SSDN team. I feel reassured that our LA link is Neil Stewart, who was formerly with Edinburgh City. ICT & Education really is a small world.

Every time I attend a SSDN meeting I am so enthused by the scope of the project but alarmed by the scale of it. I only hope we are able to do it justice, but the cynic in me is worried. When NGfL was implemented in the Authority, there was practically a dedicated team of 6. Now we face a project of much greater magnitude, but with staff with already full remits.

My apologies to the few Masterclass who joined us for the VC at 4 as I really wasn’t worth a button. Could you tell John and I had had a meeting before it that raised more questions than answers? The philosopher in me used to prefer it that way!


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