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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Sandwich with your whiteboard?

Sandwiches. Tonight’s excursion started with sandwiches, so frankly everyone else that plans twilights should take note – a school day is long enough without then having to listen to an over enthusiastic, sarcastic ESO! So the Hermitage Primary staff start a twilight in a lovely social kind of way with sandwiches in the staffroom. Good one.

2 hours. With a 2 hour session, we had more than enough time to look at how the board works, (probably too much time) so we spent a fair bit of time looking at resources online. I continue my subversive quest to wean staff off a) paper and b) software. The web is full of brilliant resources which staff need to know how to find and make use of. Using the web we don’t need to print either. Evidence needn’t be A4 sized!

20+ people. OK, I suppose I should have thought about this one, but as a school it’s a big number of staff, so far too big a number to work well with only 2 boards. And the moral of this story is…

2 whiteboards. Hermitage have a board installed in a permanent location which is brilliant – more schools need to do this. They can book the room and take their class to it. I certainly hope they now do – many staff were already beginning to plan out how they were going to use it. I’d love a comment here in the next couple of days saying they have done so?! Only problem – 2 boards is not enough! We need to figure out how to best advise schools to resource this issue. Glad to hear projectors were being thought of in the meantime, whilst a rolling programme of installation is considered. Please don’t just use it to teach IT skills though – use a computer for all areas of the curriculum.

Hey Presto! What a change in the school! Newly refurbished infant classrooms which look fantastic – what a lovely environment to teach in! I know it has been a lot of work with teachers and classes moving rooms, but well done so far Hermitage – I’ll watch this space with interest.


Blogger ST said...

As promised , Andrew.

Thanks very much for your informative and interesting introduction to the potential of the interactive white board and the excellent resources available on the internet.

Also appreciate your comments about all our changes - certainly it has changed a bit since your day !!!!!

Looking forward to the next session.

From all at Hermitage Primary

1:31 pm  

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