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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Things you never expect to do in a bedroom

Made the mistake of going into the office before setting off for today’s meeting in Inveraray. Whilst this meant I was up to date with correspondence, it did mean I was cutting it fine for getting to the meeting on time.

I arrived at the Secondary ICT Coordinators Meeting with only moments to spare, and walked into ‘the stables’ only to find that it wasn’t my meeting in progress. After asking hotel staff where my meeting was in fact taking place I was re-directed to one of the bedrooms in the hotel, where sure enough, our meeting was taking place. Quite a surreal experience, and I can’t help but wonder what they did with the beds?

Anyway, we had a huge discussion on SEEMIS, an even bigger discussion on the ‘Acceptable Use Policy’ and then a very quick fill-in by me on curricular activities. At each meeting I am more and more convinced that I am not spending enough of my time out in schools, with teachers, looking at ICT in teaching and learning. I am also more and more convinced that we have far too many meetings where this very subject ought to be the absolute focus of events, but gets buried under a mountain of bureaucracy. One of our HTs once said to me that we are chronically over-managed – I know exactly what they mean. We seem to spend more time generating and completing forms than actually educating.

I suppose the problem is that the bureaucracy is important, as it is how we reach consensus and develop new ideas for progress. Oh well…


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