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Friday, December 09, 2005

...but aim high

Day two in Port Charlotte. Thanks to the Head Teacher and her staff for putting up with me for two days! It seems endemic in Argyll & Bute or perhaps education in general that we hang on to technology until it quite literally doesn’t work anymore. How many classrooms have machines in them that are more than 4 years old? I suspect that vast majority. 4 years was the age used when the government had ratio targets for computers in classrooms. They have now scrapped these. I wonder what that says.

We need to audit how effectively we use ICT in the classroom. We also need to share good practice and give credit where credit is due. Today the P6&7 were learning how to do reports to a video camera. Keep up the good work! Notice how motivated the kids were and more importantly how many strands what they were learning achieved? We need to keep thinking outside of the forward planning/paperwork box.

Surprise, surprise… the flight was late back. I missed going into the hospital to visit my sister and new niece! (Got there on Saturday though…)


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