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Thursday, January 12, 2006

The irrelevance of brand loyalty

Another day walking around Olympia.


Immersive Education – Media Stage. Saw this 2 years ago, and continue to be astounded by it’s potential.

Espresso – absolutely brilliant online content that could be stored on CDI cache boxes. Now, if only we had CDI cache boxes…

BBC Jam starts at the end of this month – they were looking for schools to sign up for a ‘bar code’ storytelling trial, which looked brilliant. When John Russell was telling us ages ago about what was to come, he was right to be excited. Having had a quick sneak preview of content, I can’t wait for the end of the month (oh, and broadband for all our schools to make use of this content?)

Atomic Learning – better than anything we could produce because of their team of people creating content – after all, why are we all reinventing the wheel? We are wasting time and more importantly taxpayers money (ie mine!)

Incomedia - Italian web design creation software (only for PC) – quite brilliant and simple to use. I wonder if Intuitive Media went home early any day?

iCanAnimate or iStopMotion brilliant!

New version of SMART Board software (9.5) for both Mac & PC will be out in March. It was being demonstrated, and looked very good (until they bring out version 10 for PC a year before the Mac version?)

NEC plasma screens seemed to be all over the exhibition halls – they look very good and seem reasonably priced. They also had an exceptionally short throw projector - £2-3K, but great for less shadow and confined spaces.

What wasn’t good? Macromedia/Adobe monumental disinterest (there’s a recurring theme emerging here!)


Anonymous Morag Macdonald said...

I too have seen espresso and been very impressed. I also like Atomic Learning and have considered signing up for their tutorials (mone?)

4:30 pm  

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