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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sworn to Secrecy

This was day one of BETT in London. First of all, I didn’t get down to BETT last year which was a shame, so I was adamant that I would get down this year. Unlike last time when I wandered around like a sad loner this year Maggie came down to London with me. Click here to see what she had to say about the whole experience.

And the award for today’s sales pitch goes to… Promethean! Congratulations Trevor! Congratulations for making me feel like a complete idiot later on in the evening when I realised what had happened to us! “If you have a spare 15 minutes, we’d like to show you our ‘future technologies room’. Now I must ask you not to divulge anything we show you in the next 15 minutes to any of our competitors”. “OK” said the sheep from Argyll. How special we felt (– how ‘intellectually challenged’ we felt later) to be shown the future. I did promise, so I won’t say what was in the room, but the future does look bright – and curiously orange!

What else was good on day one?
Wacom A5 bluetooth wireless graphics tablet – fantastic, and a cheap way to add wireless interaction into the classroom.
RM are selling the InterWrite Classpad for £260. This provides the same functionality as the Wacom, but has it’s own whiteboard software.
I almost can’t believe I’m including this, but Clicker 5 – the ORT stuff is really good, but it is unfortunately expensive to upgrade from Clicker 4 – shame, as LTS got this for every school.
I’ve always liked Granada Blackcat software, so it’s no surprise I liked the Literacy Activity Builder which makes attractive interactive quizzes really easily – a bit pointless looking at it though, as we in Argyll are surgically attached to Apple.

What wasn’t good? Macromedia/Adobe monumental disinterest.

Apologies Maggie – I know in the evening you are meant to switch off from work!


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