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Monday, January 30, 2006

Through a child's eyes

Today was day one of the Masterclass coordinators summit in Stirling. To be honest, I always find these events a bit flat, as it often feels as though we are a sounding board for future LTS ideas. It is a great opportunity to catch up with people from all over the country though, and it’s always interesting to hear what people are up to.

Discussion (as with all national events at the moment) centred around the SSDN. Principally, how training/mentoring for the SSDN will be taken forward at national and local level.

I suspect we are in for considerable change.

I certainly hope that those in elevated positions don’t take our cynicism or negativity too seriously though – I suspect our sometimes negative reaction to proposals/comments comes from a genuine desire to be taking the project forward and after so much discussion to now be so close to actually using a digital network in our schools for the benefit of children’s education.

Discussion after dinner proved, as ever, to be as valuable as the discussion during the day. One comment sticks in my mind from these discussions - I’m not taking any credit for this one, as I’m more than happy to attribute it to Ian from Edinburgh. All too often we look at technology with the eyes of adults and we are missing the point. We look at the screen of a smart phone and think it is too small and would rather everyone had access to a laptop – children don’t. They don’t bat an eyelid about the small form factor of a smart phone. Video on a mobile? Bring it on – perhaps it is us yet again that need to rethink...


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