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Friday, January 13, 2006

The wrong people to be at BETT

It’s not actually until now that I realise today was Friday 13th. Oh, well…

The big conclusion today was that we were the wrong people to be at BETT. Attention QIOs – this is a ‘must do’. You control budgets and have curricular remits. We don’t. We can recommend until we are blue in the face, but it is all of you that need to see these things.

What was good?
Dartfish – analytical software for PE. Absolutely brilliant.
EducationCity.com – beautiful interactive online content which we must investigate for all of our schools.
Sahara bright orange projectors. Un-nickable, aledgedly.
Macs in Our School – makers of the most well thought out, priced trolleys for holding laptops.
Apple iLife ’06. I think I am developing a ‘love-hate’ relationship with Apple. On the one hand I get increasingly infuriated by compatibility problems, on the other I get bowled over with their foresight – fundamentally they seem to be asking the most important question in relation to ICT – what do we use a computer for? Shame the market share is only about 2½%. Does anyone remember Betamax? It was ‘better’ too.

What wasn’t good?
About 4 hours in Heathrow. For the world’s largest airport, it is the worst place to spend any time.


Blogger marlyn moffat said...

Been flirting with Education City for about a year, and am very impressed. I spoke to their people at SETT again this year ( you may remember my dragging you over there) in relation to any involvement they might be having with SSDN, because for individual schools, currently, the access is quite a financial commitment.

12:51 pm  

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