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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Single track roads in the dark

One thing I dislike about Argyll in the winter is driving along single track roads in the dark. I don’t know whether it’s fear of the unknown, or fear of the speed of the locals coming towards you who know the roads so well, but there is something quite unsettling about the whole process.

I’d like to think that in life I’m not afraid of what’s around the next corner either.

Today I visited Tighnabruaich. This is meant to be one of the most beautiful parts of the world, but I’m sorry to say that I have yet to see it without rain! I have loaned the school a whiteboard and voting set that had previously been trialled in Maths classes in Hermitage Academy. Morag MacDonald is going to try out this new technology with her P1, 2, 3 class. It will be interesting to see if she concurs with Margaret Ferguson about the time it takes to prepare voting questions to use with pupils. Promethean inform me that they have loads of downloadable resources that should make this task much quicker.

Today was also a central in-service course on Inspiration. My thanks to Richard Biggart from Dunoon for taking this one for me. Sorry if I set the cat amongst the pigeons by saying how I would use Kidspiration! You know how you always think of the right thing to say after you have left the room? I should have told the group that Fife council, one of the biggest users of the software in Scotland do not use Kidspiration at all – they use Inspiration all the way down. Whilst I do like the Kidspiration interface, and am very happy with it as an introduction in the infant end of school, I worry about how much we ‘dumb-down’ technology. South of the border there are P6&7 making Flash movies. How would our 6’s and 7’s cope with that if all we show them is simple?

As a 17 year old on my second ever driving lesson, we went into a 60 mile an hour zone. My instructor sitting beside me exclaimed “Come on, they’re getting away from us!” – funny how some comments stick with you in life…


Anonymous Morag Macdonald said...

It is actually easier to drive on a single track road in the dark as you can see what is up ahead (trafficwise that is)- take a chance with livestock and deer. If only you had visited on Saturday.......a perfect day. Thanks for your visit Andrew-board much appreciated and will be well used. I am sure that setting up the Activotes will be time consuming but perhaps as I am working with younger children and easier sums will not be as taxing for me...although Margaret is obviously much better at Maths than I ever could hope to be. Now if only they had had interactive whiteboards in the late 70's.
As for Kidspiration I do think it suits the early years better than upper school but you have got to start somewhere- it is only a short distance to go from Kidspiration to Inspiration as I told those teachers from P5/6 on the course last week-if it better suits their need use it- it is in every school.

9:37 pm  

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