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Monday, March 27, 2006

Been there, done that...

So it turns out that some very big name companies have been there already on the UMPC front, before they were called UMPC. The one pictured was the Sony U750 from 2004. Testing the market? Yes. The model (and the previous on the U50) were short production run models that sold out like hot cakes. Only problem other than availability - price. This retailed for around the £1,700 mark. Way too expensive for education.

The Samsung Q1 is to go to market next month with an initial price tag of around £600. Not quite the $300 that Mr. Gates had hoped for a year ago, but apparently that price point isn't too far away.

Nice to see a discussion on Microsoft's Origami Project site about possible use in Education?

I don't think until we crack this user/device ratio will we see the advances that we could in education - maybe the smart phone with access to blogs/podcasts is the way forward at the moment?

BUT, ... a device the size of a book that could run full applications for around $300? That's worth investigating...


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