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Monday, March 06, 2006

"Come in number 7 - yer times up!"

I don’t usually write something if I have spent a day in the office, but today I had a small journey to make a delivery. Over the coming session we are going to run a pilot project looking at three different methods of interactivity in the classroom. These are (in ascending order of price!) one school working with Bluetooth wireless graphics tablets and data projectors, one school working with a 42” plasma screen and interactive SMART Board overlay and one school working with a 55” plasma screen and a Bluetooth graphics tablet. Having seen the expense (and lets face it, the problems many of our schools will face with front projected systems) I am keen to see how this technology will play out in class. Hopefully I’ll be able to convince the participating schools to keep a blog of their progress. The delivery I made today was owing to an administrative blunder by the distributor – they sent the 42” screen to me instead of the school. We asked the delivery man if he could take it there and he said that no, it would have to go back to the distributor – to save time, I took it over to the school myself.

The rest of today was spent producing an audit document for staff skills for one of our schools. Has anyone had a look at Certiports proposed ICT Benchmark that will sit below IC3? In this ever changing world of technology I’d far rather we were looking at industry standard certification.

Yet again today I feel humbled. I love it when I am reminded of how little I know. Life is undoubtedly a journey of discovery and if I ever lose the desire to constantly find out more then I am in trouble. All too often we get comfortable on the second rung of the ladder – we feel confident that we have moved up from the first rung, but sometimes it’s great to look up and see how far the ladder really goes (if indeed we can?). Today I had a look at what Ewan McIntosh has to say about blogs and RSS – I couldn’t agree more. I think we are far more interested in people than in subjects – I know I read quite a few blogs that are nothing to do with my chosen field, but I just find them interesting. We need to spread the word about blogging! I also really want to see this in the classroom context – not just the teacher writing, but seeing it as an effective means of communication for the pupils too. If this is problematic for security reasons, then we need look into this. I can’t help but notice that Blogger lets you publish on your own server. I should really try this at some stage. I also need to get my head around RSS feeds. Any advice is most welcome!


Blogger marlyn moffat said...

Wow what goodies! Have a wee look at my blog and see again the present, for those trying to...
I met Ewan at the LTS schools web conference in Stirling. Impressive....enthusiastic..clever, young man! I have produced various skills audit documents over the years, the returns from which have been largely ignored, except by myself in producing sessions to address the deficits highlighted thereby. Oh Oh and Oh! I have on order, a Bluetooth tablet....just the one..and I feel so creative...when I get over the small hill that is the learning curve...again in my own time , with no training!

8:38 pm  
Blogger ab said...

I hope the results haven't been ignored - I know we are always keen to find out what people need to learn - that is our job in 'support' after all. The bluetooth tablet has only a slightly bigger learning curve than a mouse, so I wouldn't be too troubled by that! The big question is though, will the promethean board be recirculated in the school when you realise the tablet does everything it does?

12:06 pm  
Blogger Ewan McIntosh said...

Thanks for the nice comments - after a long day we can all do with some mutual back-patting. Blogger is somewhat redeemed in my mind as I've worked out a fix for that pesky "Next Blog" button. I've included it in the MFLE blog guide, appearing tomorrow or the day after at www.ltscotland.org.uk/mfle

However, all you have to do is put < noembed > < /noembed > around the first < body > tag in the template: < noembed >< body >< /noembed >

(miss out all the spaces - Blogger doesn't like that bit of code in comments)
Give it a shot on the teddy blogs - it will work!

9:42 pm  

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