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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Limited by Paper

I must have had to re-schedule today’s appointment about three times, so my thanks before I say anything else about today to Violet and her staff for being so accommodating for my visit to Port Ellen Primary.

For about the last 18 months, Port Ellen Primary has been undertaking a pilot project to investigate the use of Tablet PCs in the primary school. For more information about how this has gone, please check out their blog if you haven’t already done so. Today was my concluding visit for this project, and I spent the vast majority of the day in discussion with Kathleen and Arlene about how they felt the project had gone. I am so grateful to them for spending the time to share their thoughts, as it is very rare that we get the opportunity to sit down and reflect.

Before the project began, I can admit now that I was in no doubt what the findings would be, but it is very satisfying to have had this play out and objectively evaluated. I must also say that I didn’t share my hopes and fears either before or during the project with the staff, as I didn’t want to skew the results in any way, shape or form.

Throughout the evaluation process of the project, we made use of the MIICE toolkit to help us ask specific questions. Before we began this project, I had always looked very sceptically at MIICE, as I naively thought ‘Not another audit tool’. I am so glad that we focused on MIICE though – it has helped enormously, and I now have absolutely no doubts about its usefulness. My task now it so write up the findings of the project, so at some point next week please take the time to have a read at this document (you’ll find it linked under ‘Projects’ once completed).


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