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Monday, March 20, 2006

Neither one thing nor the other

Today was a round trip of 154 miles and 3 1/2hours in the car to look at a couple of schools and their whiteboards/large displays.

I wonder greatly about my role in all of this - my role really is Education Support Officer, but today I felt far more like a technician. One school was having a problem with a driver for the USB port to recognise a Promethean board. Whilst I fully accept that I am there to support its use in the classroom, I often wonder whether I should be there to 'get it to work' in the first place. I'm not sure.

On a totally different note, I have just finished my first ever Skypecast - I joined one of my colleagues Matthew Boyle for a discussion on recent news for the second podcast of the www.insidelearning.net website. Quite a scary prospect, as I felt so ignorant throughout the conversation! Thankyou Matthew for the invite - I hope my comments were not too inane!


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