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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

An ode to a Danish King

You wouldn't think that Bluetooth would be that complicated, would you? I mean, all you do is switch the computer on, switch the device on, make sure each is discoverable and then try and pair them. Not all that complicated really, but try as I might, I could not get the bluetooth tablet to work with a 12" mac in Rockfield Primary this morning. Looks like it will have to be HEAT call - they'll love me for that!

The rest of today was the ICT Steering Group in Oban High. With everything pointed towards SSDN (or whatever it is called now), the focus of the meeting centred around our plans to be ready for it in time. It is great to hear our leaders thinking out of the box, and asking the 'what if...' questions - we need far more of this to move forwards. I am always calmed by speaking with our educationalist Neil Stewart - it is great to have someone so committed to the project for all the right educational reasons as our link with the company. He has given us a great deal of time so far speaking with various groups of stakeholders about what SSDN is and could mean for us - tomorrow he speaks to the Secondary Head Teachers. We need to ensure that our leaders understand the nature of the SSDN if we are progress, and dare I say fund?


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