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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Comment bon est votre fran├žais?

Mine isn't very good, I'm afraid! I think I am living proof that boys should go to school later than girls, as they are not ready for the education they receive.

I would have loved the opportunity to practice the language away from the potentially embarrassing moments of getting something wrong in a classroom, and it would have been great to be able to listen to what I was trying to learn at a time of my choosing... if only I was learning the language now!

Lynne Horn of Tobermory High has set up a French blog for her pupils - one of the brilliant things about this blog is the podcast - click here to check it out.

To think that I heard of a Head Teacher recently that considered blogging, podcasting and wikis as 'internet rubbish'- isn't it time we started to educate the educators? This is a brilliant use of technology - Go Lynne!


Anonymous Lynne Horn said...

Merci Andrew! I started the blog after working with Peter Ford and John Johnstone at the Communicate 06 conference and hope to develop it further this term.

Adding the speaking files was very easy to do - in fact our mp3 players/recorders have been a great investment - once our school website is up and running we hope to add a lot of online listening material for pupils. In the meantime the blog allows for feedback.

(I am now back on Mull and back with Broadband so here's hoping you get my comment this time)

7:56 pm  
Anonymous Lynne Horn said...

I should have also said my HT is not one to rubbish these new technologies, she was all for blogging and podcasting our thoughts on ACE the other week, so watch this space!

7:58 pm  
Blogger ab said...

Thanks Lynne - I know Jenny is very keen to support all curricular driven ICT initiatives - as chair of the ICT Steering Group in A&B she plays a central role in how we are taking ICT forward here.

Great to hear you have dedicated recording equipment, but for those that don't there are plenty of 'free' ways to record mp3 files without dedicated harware too - check out odeo.com or 'Audacity'.

11:27 pm  
Anonymous Marlyn Moffat said...

I have a marantz recorder....and am ready to experiment on the blog. The linking bit is missing just yet but ....got some more learning to do there. Will be in touch there Lynne. We have been making up questions today for Flappy the linguistic crow..from Tobermory, in our bestest french. I know you'll recognise the effort, if not the spelling! They went home last night to find out what French if any their families knew, and came back with pages of vocabulary and dictionaries!!Children made up the questions, themselves.

7:41 pm  
Anonymous Lynne Horn said...

There are now a couple of examples of Comic Life on our blog, and Flappy the Crow has also been blogging!

6:20 pm  

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