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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Isn't this a lovely font?

Today was quite a tough day. I went into a school for some feedback on my failure to secure an interview for a promoted post (or should that read their failure to interview me?)

I always struggle with the whole 'experience' / 'ability' issue. Given the chance, I would far rather have someone that has great ability than long experience, but I can understand why people rate experience so highly. It's not that I don't have experience though - it's just different experience.

Maybe it's now that I'm out of school and getting nowhere trying to get back into school that I need to reappraise my role in education. I'd always regarded taking up my present post as a great move, as it has given me a far broader insight into education that staying in school and going for the comparable role of PT could ever have given me. What it would have given me would have been incredibly valued experience of running a department, managing the departmental budget and submission of SQA data. How you get that experience without being a PT I will never know.

What made today a tough day is being told that your thoughts, experience and ideas are years ahead of where a school is now, and that my inexperience is too big a risk for a school to take on, even though I may have the ability.

I then had a discussion with my line manager about the prospects of staying in education, but out of school. For many people pursuing the role of Quality Improvement Officer, the experience of leading a school, or being in the senior management team is largely a desirable or essential characteristic, so this pathway will probably be closed to me too.

As ever, the most wonderful girl in the world saved the day, as Nicola took me out for dinner to cheer me up. (There - who says you never get a mention?)

The title for today is quite possibly the most irrelevant question I have ever been asked in education - when I was asked it today, I couldn't even answer, as I had in my mind the mental image of shuffling deckchairs on the Titanic - so I'll answer it now - I couldn't care less what the font looks like - what's important is what does it say?!!


Anonymous Ian Stuart said...

Personally I see it as a complement that you were not seen as being the sort of person that, that school would like in that post.
As for schools not understanding experiences outside school as being relevent..... Lets not get started. Apprenetly being a previous Company Director in industry means that I don't have management experience.
So said the head teacher of my last school.
It always amazes me when I see small minds trying to tell pupils about the big world

1:15 am  
Blogger marlyn moffat said...

Ian's right! Another quote for you "If it's for you it'll no' go by you!" I think you are setting your sights too low! But if it's what you reely reely want! Trees have branches that spread! Widen your horizons.
Now how thing change in our lives...At my interview for Domestic Science College, as it was at that time...The vice Principle asked me "What makes you think you will be any good at this when you have an A in higher Latin?" Does that sort of equate? See, you really are pretty smart and you really are a bit ahead of schools , so that bit was true...and, that others don't have the courage, to value that, can be no fault of yours. At a very different level (much further down the intellectual/technical tree), I find that all the time. Scaredy custards!

10:23 pm  

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