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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

John Johnston – Children as creators of content using ICT tools

John talked us through what he has been doing with blogs & technology.

Great to hear that sometimes they sit around a whiteboard and blog their functional writing. Brilliant also to hear that he only has 2 computers in his classroom connected to the internet – he doesn’t have every kid sitting in front of a machine!

Reinforcement of learning. A sense of audience – it’s not just writing for their teacher.
When looking at their blog, you could see the pupils that had a comment ‘visibly growing’ – lovely image – doesn’t it just make you feel proud to be involved in education?

You don’t always need to have up-to-date technology – the Netherlands blog was written up on the bus by hand by the kids on paper and then typed up later on in the evening and posted – it doesn’t take long!

Twin Castles post – seeing the discussion that comments create.

Scobies – amazing to see that if you spell this incorrectly (as the kids did in this case), it comes 3rd in Google – the discussion this generated was incredible because of this.

A wee mention of the Travelling Teddies blog in Argyll & Bute! If you haven’t seen this, then check out what Morag MacDonald, Marlyn Moffat and the children of Castlehill and Tighnabruaich primaries have been doing.

The pupils are aware of the responsibility of blogging. They know not to write in txt language.

Just a wee plug - click the ‘record an audio comment button’ on the Radio Sandaig website – after listening to the podcast, you can leave a message for the pupils at Sandaig – no-one has yet – you could be the first!

John described this as ‘Stealth education’ – they don’t realise they are learning, as it is so much fun.

‘Word of the month’ – what a brilliant idea for a website – also, great to see the difference in Kimberley’s voice over the year – so much more confident and able.

A school in South Carolina writing a play based on the poems that the pupils in Sandaig wrote. They then made puppets and sent them in a big box to Sandaig. The kids in Sandaig now want to perform the play. How amazing is that!


Blogger Morag Macdonald said...

I am sorry I was unable to attend this event as it sounds really interesting.

10:21 pm  
Blogger marlyn moffat said...

I don't have any linked nachines in my class and have to wait for timetabled time to do whatever. ! hour twice a week. So it's gotta work...and sometimes it does.

2:04 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

John Johnston was fantastic. He clearly demonstrated the effectiveness of Blogging in a primary classroom. His pupils were motivated and enthusiastic by his clear insight. Blogging has much to offer teaching and learning. After attending his seminar and being trained at the speed of light I set up my own blog. Next Steps... Setting one up in a class

9:07 pm  

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