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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Section 2

And now, yet again, for the next thrilling instalment...

Section 2 is now up and running.


Blogger marlyn moffat said...

Holding my breath for section 3. Career choices....widening your horizons, you could read the news, create Flashy little programmes to be included in the SSDN portfolio, become an educational ICT consultant and make many spending vouchers. But then, if you did any of these, you wouldn't be doing this for Argyll&Bute.
Question...how many others in A&B could/would do this? Mmmmm.....no me fur shoor! Yours "Impressed" Argyll.

11:54 pm  
Anonymous Elspeth Davis said...

Well impressed with both sections!
Think inflections in voice are better but could still be improved upon!
Like Marlyn I too await section 3 with bated breath. Are you still making time to live a little though??

2:22 pm  

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