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Monday, May 15, 2006

Section 3

You can exhale now...!

Section 3 is a big file, so if you have less than 2MB, then go and make a cup of tea.

Do the times in brackets help?


Blogger Morag Macdonald said...

It's great having broadband. Very clear and well delivered Andrew. If I could give you one of my smiley face stickers :-) I would.

7:33 pm  
Blogger marlyn moffat said...

Well! What an improvement in the tonal quality! You have done well Glasshoppa! The ongoing support section was a bit fuzzy by comparison, though. Maybe moved the mike? Would like a glimpse of the Argyll blogging policy, since I fear I may have already blown it! Only thing I feel not yet addressed for fully class committed primary teachers is the time thing, unless they are geeks like me, but then again, there might be a few of them out there, with nothing else to do! I don't know if we have enough volunteers who will deliver, so we might have to go forth and encourage. Looks like we need about 10 bods...Mmmm.....thinking.....

12:09 am  
Anonymous Elspeth Davis said...

Up to your usual standard; however, icons in summary came up too slowly for me as you spoke. Maybe just a personal thing - you know always 5 steps ahead,that's me!!
Must let you know of a bod I have in mind...

8:58 am  

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