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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sony unveil UMPC

The day before the Samsung Q1 is released in the UK I find this - I know I get criticised for not being able to see past Sony, but in my opinion that's because they know how to design.

If this is their first serious attempt at the UMPC market, then I for one can't wait to see v2.


Blogger David said...

It looks gorgeous, but £2,699.95! Flipping eck! That's a lot to pay even if Sony do know how to design.

9:07 am  
Blogger ab said...

Typical me - so engrossed in what the product can do, that I didn't bother to check the price tag! Yep, far too expensive...

... but then again, think how expensive your first mobile phone was, or your first laptop. The price of these devices will come down - that is a certainty. It is always expensive to be an early adopter.

We can't avoid digital convergence though - evetually we will all be carrying the one device, and it is going to be bigger that a small mobile phone but smaller than a laptop. Certainly food for thought!

6:49 pm  
Blogger David said...

I agree with your general thrust. I've been banging on now about ubiquitous computing for I don't know how long. We are almost there given the number of children with WAP enabled phones in our schools - the problem here is cost. That's why I found the Mobile Learning project described at eLive so interesting. They use a relatively cheap PDA (...well about £350-£400... but that's pocket change compared to the Sony!) with wi-fi connectivity. So much cheaper because once you've bought it and installed your wireless network infra-structure, it is essentially free to use. Compare that with the ongoing costs for data transfer and/or contract costs involved in using phones. And you get a fully functional (for a certain understanding of "fully") PDA that can browse the web, use Skype, take pictures, create and show presentations, work as an interactive voting system, ... I was sold. :-)

9:04 am  
Blogger ab said...

I was really interested in the PDA route, but I'm not sure at present resolution they are high enough? As soon as a page is framed, you are stuffed. I like the concept of a book sized object that had a good size of screen - but ideally I want something that does everything that I can stick in my pocket. I saw something on digg.com the other day talking about a folding LCD screen - that expands to be 8 times the size it is when folded - now that I'm interested in...

10:51 am  
Blogger David said...

I had a go with Dewi's PDA. You can turn the screen sideways and fit a reasonable amount on the screen. I browsed to my blog site to the post I'd just made on the presentation. It was small, but even with my eyesight it was readable.

I can see that frames might be a bit of a pig. I should have had a look at Bloglines...

Folding screens? You're determined to spend three times my annual salary on your gizmos aren't you?

10:34 pm  

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