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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Collective responsibility

It is always great to meet with a group of people that share. That said, the group of educators that I am always most nervous about speaking with are the Principal Teachers of ICT. I suppose this stems from the fact that until very recently I have had no formal training in ICT, yet find myself working in this field. I also wonder how they feel as a group. In the past, they were undoubtedly on the receiving end of the 'new kit' when it appeared in school, but quite often now this is not the case, as Head Teachers or ICT coordinators spend on other subject areas first.

Today I visited the Computing Subject Development Day for Argyll & Bute. I spoke with the group about the SSDN before lunch, and in the afternoon we had a look at Breeze. Some of them had seen this before, but this was the first opportunity for them as a group to think about how they would use such a productivity tool. Their immediate reaction was to think about sharing. How could they as a group divide the workload to reap the maximum benefit? After a bit of discussion about the courses they taught, they settled on the common denominator of Standard Grade, and then set about deciding who would produce resources for which topic or unit. Fabulous - isn't it great when people work together? Over the next session, the collective ability of the computing staff in Argyll & Bute will be working to produce Breeze resources for the Standard Grade course. For those of you reading this that don't know about Breeze, Breeze is a Flash based Learning Management System that marks and tracks pupils progress through coursework. Click here to find out more.

On a similar note, the discussion around the SSDN raised an interesting point. All teachers will have access for the first time ever to all the other teachers of their subject. If I were teaching and about to settle down to create a resource, the first question I would be asking is "Has anybody got..." - if one of the 'S's in SSDN stood for 'Sharing', I think we would have a much better understanding of what this thing will achieve...


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