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Thursday, June 22, 2006

how to...

The amount of times I get asked for advice to show people 'how to...' is incredible. To be able to put all those snippets of information rolling around inside my head online for all to access whenever they wanted really was the idea behind the 'Help & Training' site, which never got developed fully. There just isn't the time. We really should be trying to make the most of this connectivity and get it done though - after all, we are educators. (and for those of you that read this that think you aren't educators - we all are, the only difference is I'm paid exclusively for that!)

To read this morning then that Andy Watson has set up a brilliant resource for creating and using blogs in education was music to my ears. I know it is still a work in progress, but if creating an online 'how to' resource is like anything, it's like painting the Forth bridge.

So from now on, if someone asks me 'how to...' blog, then I'm sending them there. (Hope you don't mind Andy!)


Anonymous Andy Watson said...

Thanks for the ego boost. The course is now 'finished' in as mauch as it has a start middle and end and seems to make sense most of the way through. I'll probably continue to make amendments but anyone is free to use it as they want./

4:37 pm  

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