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Saturday, June 03, 2006

My first day in an Ultra Mobile World!

Finally – a day in the office! It is great to get out and see what else is happening in the world, but it is equally great to get back and touch base – especially when there are certain things that can only be done from within the network. I had to sort out a couple of errors with the Mentor Pack online, which can only be done from within the schools network – it would be brilliant if I could ftp to local authority server space from anywhere, but that’s for another post.

Delivery this afternoon – I’m now an early adopter of a ‘Samsung Q1’ – the first UMPC to the commercial market in the UK. My first impression? – very cool. I really like the touch screen interface, and they have an extended battery option which would make this device go all day. It comes with an external keyboard in an organiser and I must say at this point I completely felt my age – give this same device to a kid and they would wonder why you bothered with an external keyboard – I however breathed a small sigh of relief at its’ familiarity. The picture for today shows the ‘dial keys’ the UMPC comes with – this is like learning how to ‘txt’ all over again!

This evening Nicola and I travelled to Kilmarnock for the PiE Film Festival ’06. I was the guest blogger for the evening. I wish I’d have told people before hand this was what I was doing! You can read what I had to say over on the PiE blog. What a fabulous event – how do you nominate people for New Year honours? Mark and the rest of the PiE team should be rightly proud – a brilliant evening which everyone enjoyed. If this is what you can do for a subject area with boundless enthusiasm, then we need to know how to tap into this. Do the Scottish Executive know about this – this truly is ‘excellence’. Reach for the Stars!


Anonymous Ian Stuart said...

Now your just rubbing it in that mine hasn't arrived yet !

12:29 am  
Anonymous marlynmo said...

I want to play too! but maybe an ipod an mike would suit my purposes better. You guys have to come live in my house for at least three days, so I can pick your brains. I will feed you well ( no veg for Andrew). I am missing so much of your expertise. Got so many learning curves to take on and you are such sharp cookies. Make me feel such a numpty!

1:59 am  
Blogger ab said...

The UMPC has everything that the iPod and mic would do in it already Marlyn. It has dual array mics which means you could walk arond and skype without a headset, as the UMPC cancels out background noise.

Great to be put in the same category as Ian - he's the first person I ask when I don't know something and can't find it online! ;-) The best thing about this technology is that people are so keen to share - and we are all learning - you're not a numpty at all Marlyn! Compare what you know now with what you knew a year ago. Isn't progress fabulous?

12:39 pm  
Anonymous Lynne said...

Definitely ahead of me who doesn't know what an UMPC is! Do I need one?? Had a good time at the Leadership for Learning Conference - a lot of thoughts on how we manage and lead ICT in school. Question really starts, with "where do we go from here?".

Glad you enjoyed Film Fest - photos are now up on PiE website, but password protected so will email it to you!

3:46 pm  
Blogger ab said...

Lynne - glad the LfL was good - when they started talking centrally about a 'Team' LfL I thought it was a brilliant idea. I look forward to seeing how this is taken further in Tobermory.

A UMPC is an 'ultra-mobile personal computer' - a few weeks ago I heard Alan November say "Your present laptop is the last one you will ever buy" - meaning that the next device you need will be something different. (He thinks it will be your phone, or a 'Smart phone') I think a phone is too small, but a laptop is too big, hence my interest in the UMPC form-factor. It is slightly larger than a PSP but operated in much the same way (or by touching the screen)

The film festival was great! What a lot of work though - no wonder Mark booked a holiday after it! I was really impressed - well done for all your hard work.

10:39 am  

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