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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Summer Time

Today is the last day of term before the summer recess for Argyll & Bute schools. Note the use of the word ‘schools’ there, and not just ‘Argyll & Bute’. Almost three years ago (is it really that long?!) when I took up this post, I gave up the ‘perk’ of school holidays, and joined the real world of annual leave and public holidays. People often asked ‘Do I not miss the holidays?’ – on days like today then my answer would be ‘Yes’ (as Nicola starts 6 weeks of hols today ;-( ), but on the whole I don’t miss the long holidays. I would often find myself slightly bored with such a long break from work, and to be honest, I really like working, so would quite often miss it during the summer break.

I completely understand the argument for the long holidays for teachers though. Anyone that thinks they are not worked hard should go and try it for a week! It is a very tiring profession, and for all the teachers out there that are reading this, then I hope you have a wonderful relaxing break, and return to work rejuvenated for the challenges that next session will bring.

The big question for some of you though is what happens for all of us sad workers when the schools are off? Well, work continues as normal, I’m afraid. Sure, the phones don’t ring as much, and the offices are largely quieter, but busier (if that doesn’t seem a contradiction in terms!) as people aren’t fleeing around all over the authority for school visits and meetings.

For me, the summer will bring the opportunity to focus on a number of projects and writing up of papers that have otherwise slipped during the term. Who knows, maybe even www.whereisab.co.uk will get its much needed face lift? The blogging will keep going though, so if you are infront of a computer over the holidays, please feel free to comment!


Blogger Digitalkatie said...

I used to work in a school and not get the teachers holidays, so I really sympathise. The worst part by far is all the teachers coming back and asking how your holidays were, not realising that not everyone gets the holidays. I am always very careful now I am a teacher to not make that mistake! All the best :-)

11:14 am  
Anonymous Lynne said...

It always seems like such a long time and then you're back. I've enjoyed doing PiE summer schools over the last couple of years, especially working with students who are willing to learn languages over the holidays. Looking forward to the break and just having a bit of thinking time, and going to see Billy Joel which I couldn't have done if he'd been playing during term time!

2:30 pm  

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