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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Defining Moment in history?

Have Apple finally managed it? Judging from this post after the news of yesterday's WWDC unveiling of the Mac Pro as the long awaited replacement of the G5 tower, the gap between the price and functionality of a Mac desktop and PC desktop has finally flipped on it's head (or possibly narrowed, depending upon your product configuration!)

In my mind, this does raise some very interesting points:

  • Leopard (OS X 10.5) will be released before Windows Vista
  • Apple machines can run 'Boot Camp' allowing you to boot up in Mac OS, Windows or Linux
  • Apple certainly design more visually pleasing 'objects' (although to be fair there is very little difference visually between the Mac Pro silver tower and a silver Dell tower - they are both after all big silver boxes?)
  • Fewer viruses are being written for Apple
  • An Apple machine only has one mouse button though, but you can of course use the 'mighty mouse' that has 2?
  • An Apple machine comes automatically with the iLife suite, which does pretty much all you'd be looking for (except Media Centre?) in a home PC?
  • Macintosh gamma is a truer reflection of colour than that automatically represented on a PC

Interesting times... maybe Apple's 2-3% of the world market share could increase significantly...


Anonymous john said...

An Apple machine only has one mouse button though, but you can of course use the 'mighty mouse' that has 2?
FWIW I've been plugging in random cheap 3 button USB mice to my (increasingly elderly) mac for quite a while now they all work fine.
I am saving up to increase Apple's market share;-)

1:47 pm  
Blogger ab said...

I take it all back - it comes with the mighty mouse anyway! Now, if only Apple would provide the same functionality on their laptops... ;-)

2:10 pm  
Anonymous john said...

Back again, I think you can do some scrolling etc on the newer laptops trackpads, but I use iScroll2 on my G4 ibook, enables vertical, horizontal and circular scrolling along with emulating a right click by having two fingers on the trackpad. Very nice seems to support up to 6 button mice and do a ton of stuff I've not tried. Price is right too.

3:55 pm  
Blogger Morag Macdonald said...

You can 2 finger scroll on the G4 power book track pad, which I discovered accidentally and the mini mouse I bought for the kids to use by Belkin has a scroll wheel and it changes colour as you use it!

10:33 pm  

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