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Friday, August 18, 2006

Flash Guitar?

A fabulous example of Flash and guitar - now, if only we were seriously teaching Flash animation to our students... what would they come up with I wonder?

If you check out the creator of this site Mika Tyyska, he has another great site for storytelling in education. Wow!


Anonymous derek said...

Mr Fastfinger is heavy metal lead guitar god! I have been trying to learn some of the licks via the tabulature that comes with the game but I am not quite up to his standard yet. The context of thew game is really clever. I like the part when you must fight the demon in a 'Devil went down to Georgia' fashion: your lead guitar versus his electric fiddle! Search for Samorost (another flash based game) and have a look. You will be transfixed, puzzled and then addicted. I guarantee it.

1:17 pm  

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