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Friday, September 08, 2006

Anyone want to buy a flat?

Yesterday we visited our lawyer to work through the process of buying and selling. Nicola, with her stunning wit and comic timing, when asked by our lawyer if we had any final questions asked "erm... do you want to buy a flat?"

It always pays to advertise as much as possible, so does anyone want to buy a flat? I could say 'one careful owner', but as it's been standing since 1890, I suspect there have been several. Today's picture is the view from the sitting room window. You'll need to be quick though - I've had several viewers already, and it only went on the market today.


Blogger marlyn moffat said...

Don't think you should have made your comments about global warming if I were to be a prospective purchaser. I'm above the waterline, here.
I imagine that view would sell it before you had time to finish the posting, however many careful/less owners it had. I miss my sea view!
Best of luck!

12:14 am  

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