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Thursday, September 07, 2006

NQTs in Argyll & Bute

On Thursday of last week I had the opportunity to speak with all of the probationer teachers in Argyll & Bute. This year we have a group of around 50 - this is not far off double the numbers we had last session. I must admit, I dislike the word 'probationer' intensely. Matthew Boyle who coordinates this group of teachers greatly prefers the English description of 'Newly Qualified Teachers' which I totally agree with. Can someone please take this up with the GTC?

I digress. I was speaking with them about communication and making good use of emerging technologies both to keep in touch with each other, and to share ideas. We have set each of them up with a blog and a wiki for them to communicate on.

I hope they are going to make use of them. My timing to leave and go off and do something else for the next 18 months couldn't be worse, as I would have been encouraging them to make use of these facilities. Here's hoping they do.


Anonymous Neil Winton said...

Hi Andrew,
I don't know if this is of use to you, but I also set up a blog/wiki combination for the NQTs in Perth & Kinross council. I haven't had nearly as much success in getting them to sign up as you have, but that should change soon (after a couple of twilight sessions to show them the ropes). The addresses are:
Blog = http://pkcteachers.edublogs.org
and the Wiki is at https://pkcprobationers.wikispaces.com/

If you don't mind, I'd like to post a link to your site on the PKC one... there'll almost certainly be some of our NQTs who know some of yours...

Neil W

9:37 pm  
Blogger ab said...

Definitely Neil! The more connections we can make the better! I have been reading you for months now, and I've tried to comment, but couldn't because WordPress didn't recognise me - if you are reading this, can you drop me an email? You can find my address from my homepage.

10:43 pm  
Anonymous Neil Winton said...

I've added a link to the PKC Probationers page (and wish I'd thought to call them NQTs when I set it up in the first place)...
I'm leaving school NOW... so if you need to speak use my non-school email.
Neil W

4:59 pm  

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