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Sunday, September 10, 2006

That 'Sunday Night' feeling

Those of you that are teachers - do you remember your first year of teaching? I remember the feeling of horror when I realised there were no more resources for my third year 'core RE' classes beyond the workbook I was nearing the end of in October. "What am I meant to do with them then?" I asked a bemused Assistant Principal Teacher. His reply went something along the lines of "You'll figure it out..."

I've been reading what some of our probationer teachers have to say as they practice their craft. My heart goes out to them - I remember what it was like!

Tonight Karen is talking about that 'Sunday Night' feeling, so familiar to all of us who have stood (or still stand) infront of a class of pupils. The great thing about writing it in a blog is that maybe readers can help you through difficult times, or maybe just share a funny story to lighten the mood. If I were a blogging probationer, I'd love to know that others thought the same as I did!


Anonymous Ian Stuart said...

Its not just probationers (Change title as appropriate) who these feels.
Do you think I should say that a PT still gets these feeling too?

9:21 pm  
Anonymous Neil Winton said...

Is that fat Marlon Brando Blogfather or sexy svelte Al Pacino Blogfather! ;0)

12:16 am  

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